My name is Juan Carlos Martin, and I have an target: I want to make guitars oriented to the the professional market in a different way than big manufacturers do. I`m going to fight against industrial models which once made electric guitars and basses to be reachable for any pocket, but also made these instruments evolution in a wrong way.

Furthermore than a luthier, I am a Sound Engineer (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela Universitaria de Telecomunicaciones, 1997) and I studied all about acoustics, sound, acoustic behaviour of materials, analog and digital electronics, and anything about musical instruments as a part of my engineering degree. The last twenty years I`ve been working as a tv systems engineer and mostly as sound engineer, while I completed my luthiery formation. 

So, don´t espect to find  in iGenos instruments all those subjective and ethereal tags without scientific base wich some manufacturers uses to sell their products. No tradition-based design, no magical caps or cables, no handmade windings that make the sound different. In that place, you´ll find an actual and ergonomic design, with high quality components and the best craftmanship. Headmade guitars for not standard musicians.