The AP is a 5 string bass designed under bassist´s Alejandro Poveda specifications. He wanted a headless and very personal model.
It has 30 frets on a ebony fretboard and an oil finished neck made with a very wide ebony piece in the middle with wengé sides. This neck is oil finished for quick and easy movement of the left hand. Although you caný see at the front nor at the reas, it is a neck-through design.
We used a very light piece of alder for the body and a two level top: a red wood one an finally a combination of exotic ebony and cocobolo, both of them bookmatched.
We took special care to compensate the weights to make it comfortable sitting as well as standing.

It uses a very smooth bridge and Delano hybrid 5 pickup, with sonar eq wich makes it very versatile .

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