The creation of a new instrument is an exciting project in which any musician should take some decisions. To take part in some apparently insignificant details will make your guitar be really "yours".
We will begin discussing your preferences and playing habits, as well as the sound you are looking for. This will led us to list all the materials we will need, from pickups to bridge, and of course the woods.
At this point, we have to  study which ones are available on the shop or in the market. We need the wood to have the adequate humidity level to start working. So the first step could delay the whole proccess. We must be patient to find the  suitable materials. 
Once we have made these decisions, we can know the final price of the instrument. To beguin the works and material adquisition, you´ll have to provide funds for a 50% of the final price.
When all the materials came to the shop, the construction will start. So once again, patience, please.
Some jobs will require to have a pause for glue or lacquer drying, or for wood stabilization after a cut, for exemple.

Most of these periods are influenced by the weather. Ambient humidity and extreme temperatures  must be considered. Of course the meteorological conditions in the shop will never be so hard, but it is a fact that each season has an effect on the wood. This happens along all the life of every instrument, but these are the most important days in its life, as we need to have perfect surfaces before any new step.

The final adjust will be done to fit his owner´s way of playing.

Every step will be documented by pictures and of course, we can continue talking, as we can leave minor details to be decided later.

You can take your guitar home after paying, but our relationship mustn´t finish here. We can do some adjustments after you have tested the guitar for some days... would any major manufacturer let you take part on all these things?

Prices shown are for stock models. If you want to customize your guitar you can choose another woods and parts. You can choose all the option and have an adapted price by filling a form I'll send you. Please contact me